Prenatal Yoga 4 Week Series

LED BY: Nicole Tzen
WHEN: Monday 4/21, 4/28, 5/12, 5/19 at 6pm
WHERE: Yoga Darshana Center (180 Great East Neck Rd., West Bablyon)

prenatal massage classThis 4 week series will offer support on many levels to the expectant mother. Carefully chosen postures, breathing exercises and meditations will be used to ease many of the physical discomforts commonly associated with pregnancy, promote an overall sense of well being, decreases fatigue, deepen the connection between mother and child and prepare the body and mind for birth.

FREE Yoga Basics Intro Class

LED BY: Nicole Tzen
WHEN: Thursday 4/17 @ 6pm
WHERE: Farmingdale Wellness Center  (101 Hempstead Tpke, Farmingdale)

Your first yoga basics class is FREE!
Call (516) 456-7489 or email nicoletzen@gmail.comyoga basics 2

This class offers a strong foundation for those new to yoga, individuals with injuries or limitations and anyone who would like to deepen their practice. We will be covering the basic principles of alignment, yogic breathing techniques, the use of props and an introduction to meditation.

7 CE Raindrop Technique Certification

WHEN: WED 3/36/14 from 9:00am-5:00pm
Instructor: Nicole Tzen
NYS Contact Hours: 7
Cost: $175 plus $15 Supply Fee (waived if you have the raindro oils) $75 DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT

This therapeutic treatment integrates a specific set of essentials oils and massage techniques applied to the neck, feet and back.  Excellent for pain management immunity and general balancing.

This Class Covers:oils

-Foundations of Aromatherapy

-Therapeutic Effects of The Raindrop Technique and the oils used


-Raindrop Protocol including oil application and massage techniques

-How to customize the treatment for specific conditions