New Year’s Eve Brunch & Healing Circle

WHERE: Phoenix Eastern Medicine Center   376 Fulton St., Farmingdale, NY 11735
WHEN: 12/31/15 @ 10:30am

Change is inevitable. At times it seems spontaneous. Other times it is the result of meticulous
plotting and planning. nature_trees_forest_path_sunlight_hd_resolutionAnd then there are the shifts that occur gradually, powered by time. The new year, for many, is a time where we naturally feel inclined to make personal adjustments that we believe will improve us.
My goal for this gathering is to support you in integrating the wisdom you have gained in this last calendar year and connecting with your own personal power. This will enable you to be more clear about how and where to invest your energy as you move forward into the new year.
The session will integrate several tools including essential oils, meditation, Reiki, sound healing and more to empower your process. A complimentary healthy brunch will follow the healing circle.



7 CE Raindrop Technique Certification

WHEN: MON 8/10/15  from 9:30am-5:30pm
Instructor: Nicole Tzen
NYS Contact Hours: 7
Cost: $165 plus $15 Supply Fee (waived if you have the raindrop oils)



This therapeutic treatment integrates a specific set of essentials oils and massage techniques applied to the neck, feet and back.  Excellent for pain management immunity and general balancing.

This Class Covers:

-Foundations of AromatherapyRaindrop

-Therapeutic Effects of The Raindrop Technique and the oils used


-Raindrop Protocol including oil application and massage techniques

-How to customize the treatment for specific conditions