Chakra Yoga

WHEN: Friday 10/4/13 @ 7:00pm
Helen Lein
Exchange: $25  SPOTS MUST BE RESERVED. ONLY $20 with Unlimited Pass
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* This class will be held the FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH .
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The body contains many Chakras, or Wheels, which are connected to various points all over the body. They take in input from many sources – colors, vibrations, the auras of other people, and our responses to the world around us. When we think of Chakras, we are usually referring to the 7 main Chakras – the energy points along the center of the body. They define our energy on many levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. They follow a path along the spinal column, and each is connected to a particular organ, gland, and system. Each Chakra is associated with a color, sound, and energy (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Mind, Consciousness). In addition, there are specific asanas, or postures which open and cleanse each Chakra. In our practice of Chakra Yoga, we begin with the root chakra, staying in a posture, visualizing a color, hearing a sound, and absorbing an affirmation. Each asana is done for approximately 7 minutes, and we move slowly up each Chakra and into a new asana. This is a sublime and wonderful experience. We come to a deep understanding of where we hold tension in the body, the mind, and in our emotions. Resting in each asana for that length of time gives us the opportunity to understand ourselves and to release what is holding us back. Once we begin that release, we are open to healing and a sense of peace and joyfulness.

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