What People Say

“…Nicole is very grounded in a “normal” life like you and me so she knows what people are looking for in a yoga/wellness center AND she is able to offer a beautiful healing experience, as well as offer yoga flow. I’ve been to her AromaJourney Yoga class….Awesome!!…..”  S.R.

“Nicole cares deeply about the work she does & it shows… whether taking yoga classes or feeling her healing hands in a massage, you know you’re in the presence of someone that’s on a spiritual journey”  T.D.

“… Once I began practicing yoga with Nicole my body started to thank me by responding with positive changes…I started to dream again, to hope again, to think about myself again.” T.A.

“The best thing that I ever did for me & my baby were prenatal massages”  L.P.

“…I just love the overall energy of the place. The only word I can think of that describes the whole experience best is peaceful” G.W.

“My experience at Inner Balance has been nothing but rewarding. Be it yoga. prenatal yoga, hypnobirthing or infant massage class, I have had the most positive experience for me & my child. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere & personal interaction and always feel rejuvenated after class” J.M.

“… It helps me relax, refocus and feel like a new person every time I go…it truly has become a way of life for me. A super place for overall health- both body & mind” L. W.

“…With Nicole’s strong intention and focus during that session, it felt not only as if my physical body was being soothed and treated with care but as if my emotions were being treated, softened & soothed as well.” S.R.

 “What I found at Inner Balance is much more than yoga and it has greatly enhanced my life.  There is a calm and welcoming atmosphere as well as great sense of community at Inner Balance. I’ve developed wonderful relationships with others who attend the center through yoga classes, book club meetings and the various workshops offered. More recently, I’ve been experiencing some physical difficulties and I’m receiving excellent treatments and therapies to help manage my discomfort. I have truly achieved a sense of balance in my mind, body and spirit through my association with Inner Balance.” J.W.

“Inner Balance has not only helped me physically improve my flexibility, breathing, and endurance, but has also improved the flexibility of my thought process, belief system, and overall outlook and perspective on life’s everyday situations.  I couldn’t imagine not having Inner Balance as part of my life.”  V.N.